Our Process

From Ideation to Realization

Through an expert-led but highly collaborative process, we turn the inkling of an idea into a thoroughly strategized, thoughtfully marketed, and cost-effective product, ready to ship to retailer partners nationwide.

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  1. Process Step 1
    Step 1

    Identify Opportunities

    We target overlooked product categories and private-label opportunities with maximum growth potential.

    • Evaluate customer-requested design and product development opportunities
    • Identify target product category based on strategic growth plan
    • Identify private-label opportunities
  2. Process Step 2
    Step 2

    Market & Product Category Research

    We analyze product features and functionality, online reviews, customer pain points, and pricing and logistics while developing the best version of a new product.

    • Market overview
    • Competitor analysis
    • Gap analysis (good, better, best)
    • Pricing
    • User focus groups and online product
    • Supply chain competitiveness
  3. Process Step 3
    Step 3

    Program Management

    After confirming market viability, we develop our critical path and the optimal plan forward to a successful product launch—then we execute each step with thoughtful precision.

    • Step-by-step implementation
    • Comprehensive project management
    • Production scheduling
    • Critical path development
    • Oversight establishment
  4. Process Step 4
    Step 4

    Part Design & Engineering

    We ideate, design, and engineer product prototypes that successfully solve the problems of previous versions and better address the needs of potential customers.

    • Ideate
    • Design
    • Engineer
    • 3D model
    • Rapid Prototype (3D printing)
    • Tool design
    • Production
  5. Process Step 5
    Step 5

    POP & Packaging Design

    We go the extra mile to support our customers with planogramming, point-of-purchase marketing strategies, and all the content they’ll need for a speedy, successful launch.

    • Plannograming
    • Product photography/renderings
    • A+ Content
    • Packaging design and production
    • Point-of-purchase marketing
    • Customer experience support
  6. Process Step 6
    Step 6


    We design, simulate, and build tools, all while balancing longevity with upfront costs.

    • Engineering & design
    • Mold flow/FEA analysis
    • Sourcing
    • Trial & testing
    • Production
  7. Process Step 7
    Step 7


    We handle everything from supply chain management to the plastic injection molding itself.

    • Material supply chain
    • Program scheduling
    • Plastic injection molding
    • Quality assurance
  8. Process Step 8
    Step 8


    With 250,000 square feet of warehouse space and 60% of the U.S. population within a day’s drive, we seamlessly handle storage, shipping, and logistics.

    • Warehousing
    • Shipping and logistics
  9. Process Step 9
    Step 9

    In-Store & Online Execution

    To prepare for launch, we ensure the retail and online storefronts are in sale-ready condition and provide ongoing support through forecasting, metrics analysis, and management.

    • Online review management & engagement
    • Point-of-sale metrics
    • Point-of-sale signage
    • Inventory management
    • Product reset