Redefining the Ordinary: Utility Sinks

We don’t believe in the “because it’s always been done that way” mentality. In fact, we actively reject it—our entirely updated utility sink is the perfect indication of that.

Utility Sink Black

Rather than letting a long-standing manufacturer carry on with its tired design, we turned an entire product category on its head. Through in-depth product and market research, an iterative spirit, and an eye for improvement in every detail, we helped set the new standard for a functional, fashionable, and profitable utility sink.

The Problem

The Utility Sink Before Kreate

Off-white plastic, cheaply made faucets, and wasted space under the basin: these have been the hallmarks of the typical utility sink. Such shortfalls have no place inside (or outside) the modern home. And with sub-par PVC plumbing on the interior, most utility sinks weren’t even serving their purpose well. But the biggest problem of all? No one was even thinking about utility sinks, or the inherent opportunities for upgrades.

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The Solution

The Utility Sink After Kreate

Starting from the ground up, Kreate deconstructed the utility sink to reimagine it, keeping its basic form while fundamentally altering its features. After comprehensive market research, testing, and four rounds of prototyping, we landed on a design and manufacturing process that meets retailer needs and exceeds consumer expectations.

The Process

How We Kreate

Product Feasibility 

It Starts With Research

Like all of our projects, our utility sink undertaking began with competitor shopping and marketplace analysis. After poring over customer reviews, dissecting sales data, and reverse-engineering some of the industry’s best-selling designs, we developed the foundation that would eventually become our updated sink. We also did a deep dive into pricing, determining production and wholesale costs to deliver the best possible value.

Sink Case Study 2
Design & Engineering

The Vision Takes Shape

With an extensive understanding of the problems at hand, product development began in earnest. Our team of experienced engineers set out to shape the perfect product, working with our retail partner every step of the way to guarantee cohesion and compliance with market standards.

Sink Case Study 3
Prototyping & Testing

Iterating Ideas

We started bringing our innovative models into the physical world. Using 3D printing to produce high-quality prototypes, we gathered valuable feedback through tests and client trials. After four entirely different iterations, our teams settled on a sophisticated design that propelled the pure functionality of the utility sink into the 21st century.

Sink Case Study 4
Tooling & Manufacturing

Bringing the Design to Life

Once all parties were satisfied with the final design, we moved to procurement and logistics. After acquiring and forming the necessary components, our team prepared our on-site injection molding machinery for production. With an equal focus on part durability and cost-consciousness, we optimized the tooling and manufacturing process for our new-and-improved utility sink.

Sink Case Study 5
Warehouse Mockups

Showcasing the Possibilities

While most design and production companies hand on the project at this point, Kreate goes one step further, showing our partners how their products might look on the sales floor. For our utility sinks, we drafted a package design, added our partner’s logo, and created mock signage to provide a tangible example of just how good the product could look in the “real world.”

The Outcome

The Project’s Impact

By taking a seemingly settled product design and reimagining it, our team created a utility sink that upended the market thanks to its durability, ease of use, and aesthetic appeal.

With quick-connect, high-quality plumbing, a sturdy shelf below the washbasin, easy-install self-leveling feet, and a clean, modern look, our new and improved utility sink design became the category defining product.

After launching a test quantity in 450 retail stores, our partner saw such impressive product velocity that they quickly stocked our sinks in all of their locations and requested the production of three new SKUs in different colors and sizes—truly capturing the market.

The Sink’s Success, by the Numbers:


The increase in weekly turn rate per store


The growth in overall revenue from the sink product category


The increase in weekly turn rate per store

But What About “Brand”?

Well, what about it? While some might argue that brand recognition reigns supreme (and therefore, puts us at a disadvantage when infiltrating an existing category), our market research tells a different story: consumers care about the product, not the people behind it. They’re looking for 5-star reviews, better features, a more affordable price point, and improved value. That’s something “brand” can never replace, and it’s exactly what we bring to the table.

Taking You From Prototype to Product Launch

With a focus on innovative ideas, feasible pathways to realize them, and end-to-end sustainability, we help transform your early-stage concepts into shelf-ready offerings. When you partner with Kreate, you don’t just develop a product—you can position yourself as the standard and capture a market.

Transforming Ideas into Innovations

Whether you have an inkling of an idea or a concept for a completed product, our veteran team of project managers, engineers, and branding experts can help bring it to life using quality, sustainably-molded plastic.

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