Redefining the Ordinary: The Adirondack Chair

When a major retailer needed a steady supply of private-label Adirondack chairs, we fulfilled their domestic production needs, leading the way to a more cost-effective partnership. But it didn’t stop there.

Chair Case Study 1

What could have been a simple manufacturing contract quickly became an opportunity to add simple improvements to an iconic design. After our usual innovating and iterating, we landed on an updated Adirondack chair with reinforced construction, enhanced features, and stackability for ultra-efficient shipping.

The Problem

The Adirondack Chair Before Kreate

Our retail partner first approached us looking for a private-label Adirondack chair that could readily and reliably reach their stores. And while there was nothing wrong with the original Adirondack chair they’d been selling, we saw all the ways the product could benefit from modern supply chain strategies and innovative design.

Chair Case Study 2
The Solution

The Adirondack Chair After Kreate

We started by offering a scalable, affordable way to manufacture and ship the existing design, but soon seized the opportunity to overhaul and improve the final form. In the end, we didn’t just bring our ingenuity and a made-in-America label to a well-loved design—we made it more profitable. More efficient to ship and more enjoyable to sit in, our reconfigured Adirondack chair has become a front-porch favorite for our retail partner and their end customers.

The Process

How We Kreate

Product Feasibility 

It Starts With Research

Once we decided to improve the design of the Adirondack chair, we worked to understand our customer’s pain points and make them disappear. By combing through reviews and examining comparable products, we developed the basis for an updated model. While we took inspiration from existing well-received models, we still worked to identify and solve prevalent problems, including reports of the swing-out cup holder snapping off.

Design & Engineering

The Vision Takes Shape

Next, we brought our concept to life. For our updated chair, we added load-bearing ribs in critical areas to support the back legs and the arms, then modernized the design with a sturdy, integrated cup holder and smartphone holder, and a more universally comfortable backrest.

Chair Case Study 3
Prototyping & Testing

Iterating Ideas

To make sure our chair design would meet industry-standard load limit requirements, we leveraged finite element analysis (FEA), a software modeling approach that accurately predicts a material’s behavior. Between these computer models and our in-depth physical testing process, we moved quickly but safely from the iterative phase to a finalized design, landing on an increasingly sturdy chair.

Tooling & Manufacturing

Bringing the Design to Life

With a product design that satisfied everyone involved, we turned to our extensive partnership network to secure sustainable materials and high-end tooling that would last. And because of our exhaustive testing and prototyping phases, the first round of finished chairs came out problem-free. In a relatively short time frame, our improved Adirondack chair was ready for a full-scale production run—right here at home.

Chair Case Study 4
Logistics Optimization

Handling Packing and Shipping

To optimize the shipping and storage processes, we designed and molded a shipping tray that allowed more packaged chairs to fit into each truck and looked appealing when displayed at the storefront. Through an in-depth logistics study, we doubled the number of products going into every container—from 26 to 54—leading to a significant reduction in shipping expenses for our retail partner.

Marketing & Management

Driving Product Sales

We created the product, so we understood how best to market it. Through comprehensive brand development, professional photography and videography, and a proactive incentivization program developed to elicit customer reviews, we helped renew interest in a century-old chair design. And by further analyzing the sell-through rate, we continued to find new ways to market the upgraded Adirondack chair and drive retail traffic.

Chair Case Study 5
The Outcome

The Project’s Impact

Through the iteration and innovation we’ve come to be known for, we helped our major retail partner identify and solve more problems than they came to us with. Beyond streamlining domestic manufacturing to guarantee affordability and product availability, we also improved the initial design, making the chair sturdier and easier to ship without sacrificing the integrity of the original or its healthy profit margins.

By the Numbers:


The year-over-year increase in stores stocking our new chair


The total number of store locations carrying the product (with more to come)

But What About “Brand”?

Well, what about it? While some might argue that brand recognition reigns supreme (and therefore, puts us at a disadvantage when infiltrating an existing category), our market research tells a different story: consumers care about the product, not the people behind it. They’re looking for 5-star reviews, better features, a more affordable price point, and improved value. That’s something “brand” can never replace, and it’s exactly what we bring to the table.

The Chair is Just the Beginning

Our pursuit of an upgraded Adirondack chair is only half of the story. After seeing how effectively we could modernize a classic chair, we followed up with a never-before-seen Adirondack bench design that’s enjoyed massive success in stores. Now, customers can enjoy a coordinated family of Adirondack products in their backyards, designed for cohesion.

See the Bench We Built

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