Products that Highlight Our Expertise

Our goal is to investigate and improve products in often overlooked categories. We do that through a comprehensive process of researching, iterating, and ideating, before finally identifying the good, better, and best versions of every product. We also look at the larger product ecosystem to ensure synergy and alignment between the entire private-label catalog. This makes for products that pair well together, further solidifying our partners’ hold on the market.

Case Studies Sink Cta 2
Redefining the Ordinary: Utility Sinks

By adding in and refining the most useful collection of features, we developed an entirely updated utility sink that revitalized the slow-moving category.

Case Studies Bench Cta 2
Inventing Something New: The Adirondack Bench

On the heels of a successful America-made Adirondack chair, we expanded the beloved category to include a supportive, stackable, and never-before-seen bench version.

Case Studies Chair Cta
Redefining the Ordinary: The Adirondack Chair

When a major retailer needed a steady supply of private-label Adirondack chairs, we fulfilled their domestic production needs, leading the way to a more cost-effective partnership. But it didn’t stop there.

Case Studies Box Cta
Redefining the Ordinary: In & Out Box

We don’t believe in the “because it’s always been done that way” mentality. In fact, we actively reject it—our entirely updated In & Out Box is the perfect indication of that.