Our Values

The Values That Drive Us.

Values Communication


Collaboration is our main focus—and it starts and ends with sound communication. We listen to and learn from every person we partner with, we respond honestly, clearly, and kindly, and we ask the necessary questions to move forward with confidence.

Values Integrity


The right thing is the only thing. We build our partnerships on a foundation of mutual respect and trust, and act truthfully and honorably. We’re not here to serve our own interests—we’re here to create useful products for the end customer.

Values Community


As much as we love product, we’re a people-first organization. We work hard to do right by the customers who will purchase and use our products, the partners who rely on our services, the teammates that keep our operation running, and the community at large.

Values Pride


We strive to deliver quality products and experiences every single time and are proud of the high standards we maintain. We’ve been able to accomplish some incredible things together—they deserve to be celebrated.

Values Safety


Nothing is worth compromising the safety of our team. We never allow an unsafe environment to persist, period.

Values Teamwork


To deliver the kind of products we do, we can’t work in silos. We’re constantly coming together to share and improve our ideas, to optimize our operations, and to create the greatest impact. As a team, not as individuals.