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Our mission is to produce and continually develop the highest-quality products while fostering a climate where innovation can thrive. We will always strive to service our customers with the utmost integrity and to their complete satisfaction. It is our goal to ensure our mission by continuous self-improvement, growth in our operations and employees; while maintaining profitability to the benefit of our customers, employees, and community. All employees will work together in combining their efforts and skills to ensure our mission and goals are fulfilled in a courteous manner.


Our vision is to become a national leader in high-quality, plastic injection molded products. We dedicate ourselves to be the manufacturer of choice when our type of products are being sought. This vision will be accomplished by sharing the responsibilities of planning and decision making with all of our employees. Kreate will strive to develop a positive relationship with its suppliers, employees and community as we become a company of excellence.

Core Values

  • Innovation
  • Communication
  • Community
  • Team
  • Pride
  • Integrity